Экономическая психология в современном мире
Economic psychology in the modern world


About Akhmed I. Kitov


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Kitov Akhmed Ismailovich (1928-2005)

Founder of economic psychology in Russia.


Honored Scholar of the Russian Federation, Doctor of psychology, professor Kitov Akhmed Ismailovich was born on 31 of August, 1928 in Zeyuko Habezsky region. In 1948 he worked as a teacher of physics and was called up for military service in the army. He was transferred to the reserve in 1974 with the rank of colonel.
During his teaching activities he opened and led new departments:
In the Academy of Ministry of the Interior USSR –Managerial psychology department
In the Industrial Academy – Economic psychology department
In the Karachaevo-Cherkess State Technological Academy, where he was invited by the Government of the Republic – Management and Marketing department.
He worked as lecture and researcher for 55 years and published numerous books. He was the first to publish "Managerial psychology” textbook for higher education, monograph ”Psychology of economic management” (1984), "Economic psychology” (1987), 18 tutorials and many articles in scientific journals.
As a head of the delegation of scientists, as well as government delegation he attended international scientific conferences in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany and Vietnam. His works were translated into English, German, French, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic, Czech and Vietnamese. Some of his works are represented in the library of the Congress. He was a scientific advisor of 30 PhDs.
In the late 80s he founded and headed Association of Economic Psychologists in the Soviet Union.
In Karachaevo-Cherkess republic, Kitov founded Scientific Society to encourage researches from different fields to develop their relations. Being the head of republic branch of Russian Psychological Society, Kitov participated with media to provide innovations in economy.
Kitov was honored with 12 Government awards.
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