Экономическая психология в современном мире
Economic psychology in the modern world




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28.05.2024, 23:53

International conference on theory and application of Economic Psychology

«Economic Psychology in the Modern World»

(In memory of A.I.Kitov, the founder of Economic psychology in Russia)

International conference on theory and application of economic psychology was held in Moscow, Russia, at Financial University, from 22th to 24th of November, 2012.


The aim of this conference was to provide a forum for discussion and debate of the present state of economic psychology in Russia and all over the world.

Objectives of the conference

1. Provide a comprehensive review of economic psychology beginnings and their development in the USSR. Evaluate the contribution made by  economists and psychologists to the restructuring of socio-economic relations and transition to market economy in 1980s.

2. Critically evaluate economic psychology research and theory and suggest ways in which the field can be further developed.

 3. Discuss main psychological and economic problems in development of Russia for the coming decade.

 4. Promote rebirth of the Association of Russian economic psychologists.


During the conference new findings, methods and some possible directions for behavioral economics and economic psychology research development were discussed. Scientists from different countries participated and we hope conference encouraged collaboration between them.

The conference was held with the participation of representatives from the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology (IAREP) and Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE).  

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